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"Mahatma Gandhi's 80-year-old philosophy that companies are trustees of a nation's wealth is more relevant today"
"Support in developing CSR strategy and activities that actively engage NGOs to implement these initiatives"
"Design, development and customization of ICT solutions that can support in various processes of complete project management and reporting as required by company law"
  • LIVE MONITORING APP ( LiMo App), is the recent addition to our list of technology solutions for development.
  • LiMo App aimed at improving co-ordination of project implementation and introducing more effectiveness in program monitoring for better results.

  • It can be used to record the details of the activities that are carried out in the field. LiMo supports to capture pictures and upload, record videos and upload, enter data , write notes, record voice and attach documents.
  • Action Diary, a first of its kind mobile app, developed to document project information using smartphones.

  • Action diary displays the action or events planned for the day, the activities that are completed on a day and the pending activities of the project facilitating project management within a swipe of smart phone.

  • It acts as an interactive mobile app where the user can send messages and receive messages pertains to any progress, delay or deviation within the group of users in a project.
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  • FLAMINGO - Financial Accounting, Logical Interventions (results), Action and Monitoring Organiser, a web based project and financial management solution designed to suit large scale multi location projects.
  • PROGRAM DIARY is an online repository of all that happens inside a program, that can be documented during the project period. Events, actions, results, dimensions, issues, explanation, changes in context and all other project related information can be digitally stored and retrieved.
  • ABC - Activity Based Calendar (PROJECT YEAR PLANNER) is an online software which digitalise action plan, results plan and budget plan in tandem with the time plan. It allows the user to set targets in terms of results, activities segmented into events and continuous processes, budgets into monthly finance plan, and seamlessly integrated into a project based calendar.
  • Sangha Nidhi is an Web Based Micro Finance Portfolio Information System.Legend says SANGHA NIDHI one of the Nava Nidhis, ministers of KUBERA the god of wealth, was in charge of Treasury operations.
  • Budget Consolidator is a web based tool designed for concurrent update of budget utilisation from multi-locations and in multi currencies by development partners across the world. Salient feature of the tool is that all stake holders can monitor the budget allocations and utilisation in their own currency as well as in an uniform donor currency based on the exchange rate policy of the donor.
  • Micro Finance Beneficiaries Registry (MFBR) is an web based database and an essential element in the prevention of multiple-lending and over-borrowing is the availability of information to the MFI of the existing outstanding loan of a potential beneficiary.

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