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"Mahatma Gandhi's 80-year-old philosophy that companies are trustees of a nation's wealth is more relevant today"
"Support in developing CSR strategy and activities that actively engage NGOs to implement these initiatives"
"Design, development and customization of ICT solutions that can support in various processes of complete project management and reporting as required by company law"

  • IPFM is organizing an IT Workshop on ‘How to eManage Portfolio of Projects and Large Scale Programs using ICT-Information, Communication and Technology ‘ during 21st and 22nd June 2016 at GOA.

  • Objective of this training program is to build capacities on ‘eManaging Projects and Programs using Technology for efficiency in program delivery, effective control over resources and for better results ’.

  • Target audience includes Program Directors and Project Co-ordinators of INGOs, M&E Specialists, MIS Specialists, Nodal officers of GOs, Country Officers, Asia Desk Managers of Regional offices and all those who deal with multi-projects or large scale programs.

  • IPFM has vast experience in Results Based Management of programs using ICT Tools and has developed and deployed on-line tools among INGOs and GOs. The participant will get free subscription of the on-line tool for one year as a part of this training program and IPFM extends support in handholding the implementation and follow-up wherever necessary. Visit us at

  • IPFM has been working on RBM for more than a decade and share the experience in managing results and monitoring results. Nominations can be made on-line using the following link. The Place for the program is CIDADE DE GOA Resort at GOA. The course cost is Rs.3000 per person that is inclusive of the training logistics, boarding and lodging , and one year free subscription to the cloud based ICT Tool.

  • It has been demonstrated that Programs and Projects can be eManaged from remote and shown greater results than the conventional management. Hence we request you to nominate your team members for the above training and hope to begin an era of eManage in your organisation. Click here for on-line Nomination.

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